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I have installed teamviewer 13 (free, personal use) in my several computers, and set them to startup with windows automatically.

To make the access secured, I set up unattended access password for each computers. To my understanding, if i set up this password for computer B, then if computer A want to remote access to computer B, the person on the computer A end should input the access password of computer B first. It works fine for my computers, except one laptop. on this laptop, although i defined personal password for the unattended access, when i m trying to get access to this laptop from my desktop, it does not require any password. 

Any idea for this? Appreciate.


  • Jackinabox
    Jackinabox Posts: 41 Staff member 🤠

    Hello there bank206,

    Thank you for posting in the Community!
    Regarding access to your laptop without the need for entering the password, 2 possible reasons come to mind.

    1. On Computer (A), in the Computers & Contacts list, the static password has been entered in the properties screen for Computer (B).
    * To access properties, select Computer B from the list and click on the gear cog icon which will display near the top right of the screen once Computer B has been highlighted. Select "Properties" from the list. 
    You will be able to delete the password here and by doing so, it will prompt you for the password the next time you establish a connection with Computer B.

    2. You have possibly enabled "easy access" to computer B. 
    * Please refer to these links

    I hope the above information helps you.
    Thank you once again.