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Forgot to set up unatteneded... any options?

I left a laptop at home on to watch the webcam of something at the house, and I forgot to set up unattended, and conveniently have no idea what the ID/PW are.  I did log it in using my normal login, though.  Am I out of luck?  It's not listed under my available devices, presumably because I didn't set up unattended.

Any ideas?


  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,111 Former Community Manager

    Hi @bugarbus

    I am afraid that you can only make a connection to your computer at home if one of your family members who is at home can provide you with the TeamViewer ID and the current password of your device.

    As soon as you made a connection to your device you can set up the unattended access remotely to make sure that you will always have access to your home computer.

    All the best, Esther

    Former Community Manager