How can I see who (from my company) is currently using the channel?


we have  a premium license which only allows one channel. I use management console (as an administrator), but I can't find where to check who is currently using the channel. Can anyone help me?

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  • Hakosuka
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    Holy **bleep**, why did they hid this functionality this much. I thought it should be clearly visible in the management console.

    Thank you very much!

  • NavVis
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    I have the same issue. I cannot see who is connected at a particular moment, which makes it difficult as admin to manage users. 

  • DomLan
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    Hi @NavVis, hi @mroberts,

    the informations presented in the form I indicated above refers to the clients connected at a given moment. Behind each client is a user account enabled to access your channels on TeamViewer.
    I believe it is not possible to extend content: some information could be reserved, others not very significant. In the same list, two identified ones can appear for 10-minute or ten-hour open connections.
    As an administrator of a fairly large set of licenses, I have been able to experiment that it is preferable to derive the information from the API system that TeamViewer makes available rather than relying solely on what is present on the client or on the Web Management Console.

    In any case, in my opinion, the strategies to be adopted are two:
    - find a mechanism for which users are obliged to report the connections made via TeamViewer on your channels;
    - evaluate the periodicity of overruns on uses, considering that usually the reports that are provided by TeamViewer are realistic.

    Combined together they should guarantee the correct use of the instrument by all of your operators and the possibility of determining any variations to the number of licenses purchased.


    Domenico Langone

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  • we have same problem here. "id" still looks active although client disconnected almost one hour ago! 

    we should manage active id's (or active users) via options and definitely should be able to kick them out from the session. all we can do is to see active sessions on "" profile page. closing connections doesn't help anything. and second option: Help>About TeamViewer>Channel Use> only gives us the TeamViewer ID of the device using our channels for a long period of time. Does it really matter to see connected id's somewhere while we can't interfere?


    "people keeping channels open too long, or justifying the purchase of more channels."


    that's a good point...


  • HenneyB
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    The problem with this solution is you don't always have info on who might be useing a given ID.  It should be reporting a User ID for who is accessing a channel.

    It would also be helpful for admins to be able to have somewhere where we can look that shows channel usage and declines for use so we can easily determine when we should be getting more licenses.  This would also likely help TeamViewer sell more licenses.  If I knew we were constantly running up against the # of channels we have I would get nother license.