3 Devices from Star Wars: The Last Jedi that would Benefit from TeamViewer IoT

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Blog (7).pngMay 4th is Star Wars Day. Let’s take a look at three events from 2017’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi, where a device could have used the TeamViewer IoT treatment!

May the fourth be with you and happy Star Wars Day!

As you might recall from last year’s article (Star Wars Day: Remoting into a Galaxy Far, Far Away), we have a bunch of Star Wars fans here at TeamViewer, and even held big events to watch the latest movies together as a company.

To keep up our good traditions and to honor the holiday, I’d like to take the chance to, once more, fantasize about how TeamViewer could have been used in the world of Star Wars.

You can’t hold it against George Lucas or anyone else involved in creating the original trilogy. Neither would it be fair to bear a grudge against the creators of the latest films who had to build upon the same universe. But from today’s point of view, it’s actually kind of weird that civilizations as technologically developed as the ones we meet in Star Wars wouldn’t have better means of tech support, right?

Especially now, entering the age of the Internet of Things, one can’t help but imagine the impact that its implementation into technology from Star Wars would have.

Did you know that TeamViewer offers one of the first non-proprietary live control solutions for IoT devices? Unsurprisingly, it goes by the name of TeamViewer IoT and I assure you, both rebel and empire technicians would appreciate having such a tool at their disposal.

Doubt it? Here are 3 devices from 2017’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi that would benefit from TeamViewer IoT. Before we get to it, be prepared to encounter some minor spoilers here and there, in case you haven’t watched the film yet.

1: The Resistance’s Bombers / All Space Ships

The first thing that comes to mind that could really use the implementation of TeamViewer IoT is nothing less than every spaceship in Star Wars, ever.

The last Jedi has plenty of examples for why the ability to remotely control spaceships would be extremely useful.

Just ask Paige Tico, who sacrificed herself dropping bombs on the Dreadnought at the very last moment, not to mention all the other bomber crew members who died during that attack. Or Admiral Holdo, who sacrificed herself crashing into the First Order’s Fleet at the speed of light.

Neither of their sacrifices would have been necessary if the rebels had the possibility to control their ships from a safe distance.

Then again, the film wouldn’t be half as dramatic if it was, admittedly.

2: The Hyperspace Tracker

When the Resistance is faced with the fact that the First Order can follow them even at lightspeed by using a hyperspace tracker, Fin and Rose don’t need much time to come up with a scheme to deactivate the device.

Their plan relies on the fact that, according to Rose, the First Order won’t notice the malfunction of their treasured hyperspace tracker for one “system cycle”, which equals about six minutes.

And while it clearly serves a dramatic purpose, one can’t help but wonder why the First Order would not monitor their biggest advantage over the Resistance more closely.

With TeamViewer IoT, it would have been easy to set up an alarm, informing the associated technician in the blink of an eye, instead of noticing the problem when it would have been too late.

3: The Supremacy’s Shields

Similarly, the First Order could have made quick work of Fin and Rose who, with the help of master codebreaker DJ, was able to slip through the Supremacy’s shields as if it was nothing.

Meanwhile, we can watch a technician sitting in front of a monitor, where the Supremacy’s shields are being represented by what looks like the worst monitoring tool in the entire galaxy. The only way it indicates the momentary blackout of the shields is a nearly imperceptible flickering.

Supposing they had equipped their shields with TeamViewer IoT, the associated technician could have defined an appropriate threshold that their shields must not fall short of. Then, even if the trio might still be able to get past them, the technician would have received a clear notification that something is wrong and could have investigated the problem.

If nothing else, the intruders would have been caught much faster this way.

The silver lining for the poor technician is that at least this incident provides some leverage for next quarter’s budget planning.

TeamViewer IoT for a More Connected Galaxy!

Even if the chances of actually seeing something similar to TeamViewer IoT implemented in the franchise are slim, there sure are devices in Star Wars: The Last Jedi that would benefit from being more connected.

But more importantly, while taking May 4th as an occasion to imagine how devices in Star Wars would benefit from TeamViewer IoT, we can get inspired in order to further advance in our own IoT journey.

To learn more about TeamViewer IoT, visit the TeamViewer IoT Knowledge Base in the community or start a TeamViewer IoT trial.

Which other devices from Star Wars: The Last Jedi do you think would deserve a TeamViewer IoT upgrade? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

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