Yellow Monitor Icon what does it mean

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Yellow iconI have only ever been able to connect to my aunts phone when connected via my tethered wifi.  When I am at home I can't access her phone and hardly ever even see her phone on line.

Now I changed a port setting in her router and now I see this yellow monitor icon in my connections, whereas the rest of the visible pc's or phones are blue, so I can see her phone but can't connect.  Usually on her phone it says no internet connection even though it is connecetd to the internet.

[Link to 3rd part website removed - Thanks for your understanding]

It's driving me crazy any ideas please

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    [Link to 3rd part website removed - Thanks for your understanding]

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    Thanks for the PM Esther

    I have now managed to add photo

    I had problems attaching the said photo using the photo tab

    With regards to the away status the remote computer is a phone and two other phones I regularly see remain blue. 

    It looks more like it is visible but unreachable/unconnectable for some reason, this has been going on for months and I would dearly love to get to the bottom of it as the phone in question is that of an aging aunt who I am trying to support , remotely LOL


    Mark T

    How do I make it go blue?How do I make it go blue?