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can't hear sound from Mac

The check box of "computer make sound" thing is grey/uncheckable on my Mac High Sierra(Version 10.13.4(17E202)). So i can't hear any sound from my Mac(different location). but i can hear sound from Mac through discord.

Everything works fine for Mac controlling PC.


  • techmind
    techmind Posts: 1

    Do you have the latest version of TeamViewer on both sides? Check if not then update.

  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 494 Staff

    Hi gta0814

    Unfortunately, the ability to hear remote sound is only available when connecting to Windows operating systems Win 7 and higher.

    Due the the way Audio drivers work on Mac, we don't have the ability to capture the sound sorry.


    Senior Moderator
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  • I came here hoping that TeamViewer could finally do sound from a Mac so I can delete my other remote access app and only use TeamViewer. There are so many apps that can capture the sound why can't TeamViewer?

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