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How to use Teamviewer to connect two laptops linked by ethernet cable

I want to control one laptop form another using an ethernet cable onky. 

A few weeks ago I downloaded TV and I tried it out successfully but today when I went live today it would not work - I suspect it's because the one being controlled is now much further away and without the internet i.e. when tested it was connecting via the internt rather than the ethernet.

I have assigned the main / controlling pc but the one to be controlled will not allow me to assign (not sure if this matters). After more than 3-hours looking at posts here etc I have run out of ideas and options. Surely this can't be so difficult?  Can somebody please help - thanks.



  • My guess is you have to set static ips on both systems and shouldnt try to connect from the account. You need to activate accept incoming lan connection (if i remember correctly) - should be somewhere in the settings... and connect directly to the ip adress which should as well be your TV ID once these settings are done correctly
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