Optimize Quality - Linux 13.1.3026

Thanks for the update... but can I ask where is the quality option right now?... I am remotelly editing photos and the quality is automatically set to low by teamviewer... I need to change this, since my connection is way to capable of handling the image transfer bandwith.

Thank you.


  • Esther
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    Hi @MarianoArga

    You can pre-set the quality in the TeamViewer settings for all connections or change it during a remote control session.


    Just click in your TeamViewer on Extras --> Options --> Remote Control --> Under Display --> Quality --> Choose Optimize Quality:

    Optimize Quality.png

     During a session:


    During the running TeamViewer session, click on the top panel on View --> Optimize Quality:optimize in connection.png



    I hope this info helps,


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  • Hello Esther, I dont have any of those options inside extras , neither in a session.
    (Linux, Teamviewer ver. 13.1.3026

    Here is a screenshot of the extras options:

  • Esther
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    Hi @MarianoArga

    Ok, I understand. I just moved our conversation into the Linux board (in our Community we have a separate board for all Linux related topics).

    This feature is at the moment not part of the current version 13.

    Let´s see whether other Linux users can give you a hint and a good tipp.

    Thanks and all the best, Esther


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