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Can't long into my account

I couldn't login to my account.  So I changed my password.  The change was accepted, but I still cannot login from my laptop to access my desktop.  What's up?


  • So strange.  Suddenly I was able to get to my desktop PC.  I don't know what I did to make that happen.

  • I'm having the same problem.   I was able to remote into my PC from my mobile phone earlier today but since then I have not been able to.   

    Since then I've restarted my mobile device and PC.    I've also reinstalled the software on my mobile device and logged back in.   Still no luck. 

  • same issue can see both computers as online but can't get in to them

  • Lissy
    Lissy Posts: 1

    I am able to connect as long as I am not on WiFi to my devices but anything on WiFi I can’t. I was just able to remote connect to all my devices last night, but since tells me it can’t connect

  • I just tried to connect while looking at the device i was trying to connect to. It says "incoming connection" which starts off as a good sign, but then says "protocol negotiation failed, please try again".

    Don't know what's up with this thing today.