TV for Linux - final when

Is there any word or can Teamviewer company give Linux users any hope that there will be in some soon future the full Linux Teamviewer without any multiarch in a fully featured version. 

Recently I got a reply that it is done and downloadable, that is far from truth, at that time the downloadable "Preview" for Linux was nothing more that what one gets with the chrome extension, basically more or less useless installation with the same drawbacks as the chrome extensions (key combinations can completely mess the remote host and one needs to reconnect etc). I do not know the current state of affairs but by just looking at the download page, the Linux version is still in Preview mode.

What I am really interested in is when there will be a proper Teamviewer for Linux (multiple concurrent connections, file transfer, oh even VPN, meetings and so on and on) not some semi-finished semi-product that can be substituted mostly by the Chrome extension. This has been lasting too long really.