Locked ut of Account

Have been locked out of my Account (Free)

Have asked for a password rest more than 10 times. No password reset Email

Have used the application "I forgot my password". No password reset Email

Have used Edge "I forgot my password" . No password reset Email

Have used IE11 "I forgot my password". No password reset Email

Have used Chrome "I forgot my password". No password reset Email

Have used another PC. No password reset Email

Have sent a ticket to Support Ticket ID: 2950502 on 23/01/2017 Automated reply. No password reset Email

Asked again 02/02/2017 Automated reply. No password reset Email

What do I have to do to get my account unlocked.



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  • Still locked out of account.

    Forgot to mention in original post that I had to register a new account to post in the forum as I had been locked out of the forum aswell

    Have requestedover 20 more password resets no email received

    Another requet to support to unlock my account. NOTHING

    Teamviewer LOCKED me out of my account to force a password reset something to do with YAHOO and I have tried 2 different computers 3 different browsers 3 requests to support and nothing why?

    Could I not be getting email with password link because I have a yahho.co.uk email.

    Could a mod post a link where I can get a password reset PLEASE




  • GaryK
    GaryK Posts: 2

    So what was the solution?

  • Can you share the solution, please?
    I recently tried to access my account to change the password. I realized (unfortunately too late) that the account was tied to an old, abandoned Email, that I no longer use. So here is the problem, how do I change my account password. and update the email address? I've also discontinued my land line.
    So I need to update that to my android phone (ZTE Axon 7 Unlocked).
    What should I do in this case?

  • onedo3
    onedo3 Posts: 4

    In one of my post I said I'd submitted a ticket but now it says you need to be a licensed user.

    If it's a paid account you can Submit a Ticket or phone them

    Other wise I'd start a new post and ask a mod to help

  • lumentin
    lumentin Posts: 1

    I have exactly the same problem, that's why I landed here.

    Hours spent asking the new password email, reading forums, and nothing comes in my mailbox.

    I regulary help my family and friends with computer problems, so I have a dozen computers registered. Just creating a new account is not the better solution, and the lock syndrom can happen again. The more frustrating thing is I have no idea why my account is blocked, and why I don't receive this unlock email.

    Can a staff member help?

    Thank you.

    PS: of course, this is a new account, since forum was not accessible with the real one...

  • helpmeplz
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    I am unable to login too. Please can a mod unlock my account. I'll provide details on request as this is not my main account.

  • helpmeplz
    helpmeplz Posts: 4
    Hi, please can someone help?
  • helpmeplz
    helpmeplz Posts: 4

    Would appreciate some help.

  • helpmeplz
    helpmeplz Posts: 4

    Someone! Anyone! Helloooo???

  • GaryK
    GaryK Posts: 2

    I haven't found any way to unlock my account either.  I just set up a new account and use that one.  I basically just wrote off my original account.