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Teamviewer focus stealing on update, inability to kill processes

Is focus stealing on update, an inability to kill any of three separate TeamViewer processes, and what appear to be (this may be a misreading on my part of system logs) unsuccessful attempts to access an external drive at time of update normal behavior?


Went AFK from a full screen windows application for a few minutes, had TeamViewer update and focus steal. Promptly went paranoid over the possibility of someone employing TeamViewer as an intermediate step between gaining a more basic form of remote access and deploying something truly malicious, furthered by the perception that a TeamViewer reinstall and a screen capture compatible display of remote access credentials was taking place. Quarantined the computer, pored over various system and application logs, did malware scans, took backups and killed/uninstalled/quarantined/firewalled a variety of processes/applications/system services. Am now on a lower level of paranoia.


Possibly relevant details:

OS: Win 7

TeamViewer version: 11.0.1159 -> 11.0.8373 -> Uninstalled

Update event time: 17:04 UTC

Thanks for your time.

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