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SOLVED. Problem not getting correct resolution on local host computer

I just want to share some information that may be useful.  I was having problem getting full resolution on my local host computer when accessing some remote computers.  I tried all the usual sources for information and eventually gave up.

I then had a Eureka moment which worked.  Maybe everyone knows but here is the solution...

The maximum resolution being offered to me on my local computer was the maximum resolution of the remote laptop screen that I was connecting to.  BUT in fact the remote laptop had a higher resolution monitor attached via DVI [?] but was switched off, which is why I wasn't being offered those resolutions.  As soon as the monitor attached to laptop was switched on, then I was instantly offered the higher resolution.

Therefore, if anyone is having local problem getting the correct resolution from a remote laptop with an attached monitor, then make sure that the remote monitor is turned on.

Hope this helps someone.

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