GDPR - how to be sure that remote sesion locked station after disconnect

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The following screenshot is howing that Option "Lock after session ends" isn not selected - is not active.

In some connection I have this option Active for antoher this option is not active by default.

LockingStation after disconnect.png


I have few a question in relation to GPDR :

How I can be sure that this option is always active by default ?
How I can lock this option for all users/employers using my license ?
How I can check which of my employers break the rusle and leave remote station with out locking them ?


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    Hi mLipok,

    Thank you for your post. I think your request refers to security measures.

    If you like to Lock after session ends by default please follow these steps in your local TeamViewer settings:

    Screenshot (1).png

    Customer with a corporate license could deploy this settings with MSI-Package otherwise you could set this settings in TeamViewer manually on your employees and user devices.

    What do you mean in question 2? Do you want to lock or set this option for your employees?

    To make sure, that every remote session is locked after session, you should first make the mentioned settings.

    To prohibit any changes in your settings, I recommend you to protect the TeamViewer options with password. 

    I hope this is helpful for you.

    Best regards.





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  • mLipok
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    ad 1.

    What is a difference beetwen ALWAYS / AUTOMATIC ?

    ad 2.
    I want to have a common Security / RODO policy, I want to set this policy and be sure that every single user (employer) using my license, have the same policy as me, and I do not must to check, if my employer set or unset this kind of settings.

    "To prohibit any changes in your settings, I recommend you to protect the TeamViewer options with password."

    I have no possibility to set TV setting on my employers station.
    They are using TeamViewer portable - is it possible with TeamViewer portable ?

    I do not talk about manually settings each station, I mean about global policy for my company, I want to set it in Managment Console and be sure that each employer can not change it.

    Simply and clever.

    This should be implemented in line with this GDPR assumption "security by design".
    Because now I can not be sure that all users, will keep the same security policy, especially if I will change some of this settings.

    ad 3.
    Even If I set this all setting manually for all my employers, how I can check if they reinstall windows, change computer, and login on different windows/TV instalation ?


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