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Need some ideas to rsstrict access

Hi specialsts out there..

I'm managing the network for a local hospital here. To allow our applications specialist to provide support for our end user - doctors, we're planning on using TV. Since unattended access to doctor's PC's is prohibited (company policy), we have a TV quick suppport (personalised version) copied onto their computers, and the applications specialists can connect to them.

Recently we noticed a lot of PC's stayed on, with the TV QS started. We suspect some of the doctors are working from home on their hospital computer. This is not allowed (they have other means of connecting, that involve a 2-factor authentication on our firewall). Since we do not distribute full versions (nor the keys that go with it), I suspect they simply download the full version from the TV website when they're at home and connect to their own PC over here..

What would be the best way to prevent such a behaviour?


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