Updating clients breaks connection from Mac to PC

I've had a TV connection between a Mac and PC working for years, I updated both to the latest version (thanks to TV's constant nagging) and it seems that the latest PC and Mac versions are different builds (13.1.3629 on PC and 13.1.4170 on Mac).  I can no longer connect (incompatible versions error) and there are no previous builds available of the same version for PC and Mac.   What options do we have now?  


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    HI @outerheaven11

    As long as you are running TeamViewer 13 on both devices you should not have any compatibility issues.

    Could you post a screenshot of the error message?



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  • Apparently this is only an issue with 13.  Different versions of 12 had no problem and I was able to connect.  I don't have a screenshot, but when using 13 it has the yellow dot while saying Connecting... but then shows a red dot and says (Incompatible version).  All is good now.  Thanks for the quick response.