After Effects Composition is blank

While viewing the After Effects from Teamviewer, composition screen shows blank. 

Rest the functionality is working fine in the After Effects but I cannot see the screen where I need to do the editing


  • I am having this issue too.

    It used to work around a year ago so not sure if its new team viewer or new after effects thats causing the problem

  • I had the same issue and that problem was solved here

    i just copypaste that text here:

    Typically, monitors or notebooks display shall report their data (such as what resolution they support) to the graphic card once they are connected.
    The monitor itself does not need any power, as the HDMI / DVI / VGA cable itself provides enough power.
    Unfortunately, there are some monitors that will only pass their data to the graphic card when they are turned on/have power.
    In this case, the graphic driver shall decide what it wants to do when the monitor is not detected. There have been 3 cases detected thus far:

    1) Everything works as before, but with minor restrictions on the available resolutions.
    2) Window contents that are drawn hardware-accelerated (e.g. browser content or 3D applications / games) are no longer drawn (you cannot see the application).
    3) Nothing is drawn anymore (screen is black).

    TeamViewer grabs the screen as it is currently displayed.
    In other words, if Windows did not draw anything, TeamViewer cannot grab the screen, so you will only see a black screen. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything against that.

    The only workable solution here is to prevent the monitor from being not detected.
    This can be achieved either by the fact that the monitor is always on or by using a monitor that is recognized by Windows even when it’s turned off.
    It may also help to connect the monitor in another way (e.g. via DVI instead of HDMI, or with another adapter, if one was used).
    Alternatively, a dummyplug can also help.
    In theory, it may also help to use a different version of the graphic card drivers or a fixed-resolution monitor driver to solve the black screen problem or the problem with the hardware acceleration. Other graphic card driver settings could help, but we do not know what settings that could be exactly. But it would most likely have something to do with the energy-saving mode.
  • Yep, this solved it for me. Just had to have the monitor "on" at the other end (Fine to have turn off after X minutes set in windows as logging in will wake screen). As long as the monitor is not turned off at the switch. Many thanks