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Team Viewer - Why I can connect to my team mate after we closed the session ( this cause the securit

I asked my teammate to connect my machine via the Team Viewer to do pair programming. When done, I closed the window on my screen and we are all set. Then on the second day, I asked again for pair program and he just connected as he did yesterday using my old password. As he is Team Viewer session had my old password so he didn't need to even ask for the password. This is dangerous, why? As he could connect to me any time to see my inbox, email and etc?

Please let me know how to resolve it? I don't think Team Viewer is designed this way. And if your answer is "every time when you end your session pleases reset your password", I don't accept this answer as Team Viewer should not be a product like this which has to ask the party to reset the password each time.


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  • Thanks. It works. But I think as a good design the tool should come as default to get a new password each time after the session is closed. But if the user wants to keep the password then they can set up using your above procedure to "Keep Current"

  • Esther
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    Hi @littlelingzi

    Thanks for your reply.

    I will forward your suggestion to our product management.

    Thanks again,


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