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Change policy to "inherit from group"

I want to change my clients to use the setting "inherit from group".

If I go to tools - assign teamviewer polices, I can check all computers and then get a wizard. Then I have to confirm ALL clients one-by-one with the local TeamViewer password.

Any ideas?



  • Why on earth would Teamviewer give us the option 'inherit from group', but not enforce it automatically? The idea of a group is that we dont have to deal with manual labor, just put the client in the group and all is well. Ridiculous design.

    Moreover, if I want to set all clients to 'inherit from group', I have to wait for them to come online!

  • testerics
    testerics Posts: 8 ✭✭

    The same for me on the latest 15th version..

    And the worst is if I try one by one: is asking for PersonalPassword even when the Personal Password doesn't exist!!

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