How to automatically logout upon closing the application ?

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Hello TV community,

It bothers me a little bit that when I close the Teamviewer window my session is still open on the remote computer. I have found a "lock on session end" option in the Action menu, but couldn't find any "Close session on session end" or something similar. Is there anything I can do that would automatically log me out when I close the teamviewer window ?


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  • Reyhan
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    Hi @ychaouche

    Thank you for your post.

    Please make sure every TeamViewer session is closed correctly. To ensure correct closing please use the “X” in your TeamViewer toolbar.

    close session.jpg

    Your will be logged out and the current session ended immediately on both sides.

    Which TeamViewer version do you use on the client side? Please note that the TeamViewer service is still running on this device, if you have installed the full version. Also the Quick-Support modul must be closed manually on the client side.

    One possibility would be to terminate the TeamViewer service during the session. When you have finished working on your remote device you could close TeamViewer on your remote client.

    Close TV.jpg

    If you terminate TeamViewer like this, it is necessary that the client has to restart TeamViewer service for the next remote session. 

    I hope this will help you. 



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  • ychaouche
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    Hello Reyhan,

    Thanks for your answere. I wasn't specific enough; I was talking about logging out of the microsoft windows user session.

    -- Yassine.

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    So i'm going to go ahead and add my words to this.

    It's really a PITA to be logged out of my computer right as I sit down in front of after controlling my computer from my phone from the other side of the room.

    Not only this, but it's also EXTREMELY annoying to be on the other side of the room controlling a movie that's on my laptop from my phone, when everytime I close the app, it logs me out of my computer.

    HUGE design flaw.