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Samsung Quick Support App not providing an ID Code

I'm using the Team Viewer Quick Support App for Samsung (I have it loaded on over 30 tablets).  When I went to load it on 2 new tablets it didn't provide an ID Code and at the bottom of the screen I have a yellow message saying: "Activating TeamViewer...".
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and I tried installing it on 3 different tablets and am getting the same result.

I don't kow how to fix this problem but I need to have remote access to these tablets



  • Was there ever any resolution to this? We are experiencing the same issue on some of our tablets.
  • I strongly suspect that this issue is caused by firewall rules on your WiFi. If you connect via 3G/4G on your Samsung, or via Personal Hotspot on an iPhone (or equi. on an Android phone), it might work.

  • Thanks for your comment, I finally got mine working after I disconnected from Wi-Fi.

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