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I lost access to my 2 Factor Authentication after I got a new phone and can't find my recovery code

My issue is stated above in the subject line. Also, I'd like to add that you should add the 2 factor authentication where you get sent a text every time you try to log in so that even if you do get a new phone (and of course keep the same number) you can still receive your codes.


  • AlanW1
    AlanW1 Posts: 157 [Former Staff]

    Hi alikhodrali2,

    Thank you for posting and welcome to our community. 

    Hopefully you have your last phone at your hand. Then please deactivate two factor authentication with that phone. Steps as following:

    Deactivate two factor authentication in your user profile settings:

    1. Log in with your TeamViewer account at
    2. Click on your profile name an select Edit profile.
    3. Click the Deactivate link under General | Two factor authentication.
    4. Enter the security code displayed by your authenticator app.
    5. Click the Deactivate button.

    If you lose access to your mobile device or to the authenticator app on your device, the recovery key is your last resort to deactivate two-factor authentication. The recovery key allows you to login again with your email and password. Therefore, it must be kept in a secure place. Consider printing more than one copy in case one copy gets lost or destroyed. 

    please be noted that The two-factor authentication can not be deactivated by TeamViewer. If you lose your recovery key, you will also lose access to all TeamViewer features where your account is needed. Therefore, it must be kept in a secure place.

    Please refer to this article for details.



  • Ziyaad
    Ziyaad Posts: 1

    Please assist me with this.

    I need to disable the TFA from an account [email protected]

  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 4,205 Moderator


    Please refer to this article to know how to proceed.

    French Community Moderator
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