Custom MSI without custom logo and no assigment


We have a problem with the deployment of our MSI package.
On PCs we set up in our IT department it works but if we set up the PC in our branche office it doesn't. We have no custom logo and the assignment is not done.

We can connect to it with the PC name as usual, but it is not listet on our company list.

Are this settings comming from the TV Management Console? So are this comming from the internet? It's not the site on port 5938, this is open on our FW and not going over the Proxy.

If we compare the regkey from a working TV and one from a not working TV client there are just this assignment entries who are missing, all the rest are ok.


Thanks for your help.



  • Reyhan
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    Hi @Jose

    Thank you for your post.

    For successful deployment via MSI package please make sure, that you have added your Configursation ID to your MSI:

    To deploy the TeamViewer Host with your customizations, simply extend the filename of the TeamViewer_Host.msi with -idc and append the ConfigurationID to it. Set the new filename within your group policy as software package.

    For example:
    - ConfigurationID: spce9u2
    - Original filename: TeamViewer_Host.msi
    - Resulting filename: TeamViewer_Host-idcspce9u2.msi

    Please remember to use the correct port 443, all customization like logo, assignment and policy passed on by port 443.

    I hope this information is helpful.


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  • Reyhan,

    I have similar situtation where my company's customization isn't loading. I am attempting to do a reinstall with msi name that does in include the -idc and our customization id but still does not load the customizations.

    If I do a regular (non reinstall) install this works fine.

    msiexec /fa localpathtofile (non unc) /passive

    any ideas?