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TeamViewer for Android - unattended access

Hi All,

Unattended access is availible for PC with TeamViewer.

Could Android devices be also accessable in an unattended mode or the Android user should allow an access each time (attended mode)?  

Thank you!



  • ESH1978
    ESH1978 Posts: 1

    I am also new to this and wondered the same thing. After some trial and error, I believe that what you are asking is definitely possible. Once you have your account set-up and TeamViewer installed on your computer as well as TeamViewer app installed on your Android you should be able to. I did go through the process of allowing unattended access on the desktop app. I also made sure that both devices were added as trusted devices in my TeamViewer account. After all of this I went to the login page in Chrome and logged in to my account, When the team viewer management console came up I clicked on "My Computers" in the menu on the far left. This brought up both my Note 8 and my laptop. I clicked the "connect" button beside my note 8's device name and it brought up the TeamViewer desktop app and began a connection with my android device without any prompts or need for authorization on my phone. I was able to perform all functions without issue. Unsure if this matters but I DID have the TeamViewer app running in the background on my Android phone. I will try the same process with the app closed and see what happens but in the interim this process worked for me. No clue if I did this correctly or if I went through 50 steps when I could have gotten same result doing 5 steps. I took the trial and error approach to figure it out so if I am wrong please don't hold it against me. If I do end up having to leave the app running in the background to get unattended access to my phone that is fine. It's a small sacrifice to make to make sure this awesome program works. If anyone else out there reads this and wants to correct me or through some guidance my way I am all ears and very grateful.

    Hope this helps... 

  • cpufox
    cpufox Posts: 2

    It does. In my home we have mac/ios, and windows pc and I just bought a chomebook to understsand why my mom likes hers, and the whole android thing is a bit new for me. Just when I think **Third Party Product** may be for me after a couple of times asked if i am a personal user, writing letter to teamviewer, they surprise me.  They seem well prepared for Chromebook, but you need to download from Play Teamviewer for unattended use, seperate from Chrome extension or the Teamviewer app.  After the Trust computer is properly done and assigned to your login, it should work for you.

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