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HOW TO MAKE THE ERROR MESSAGE GO AWAY: "The screen cannot be captured at the moment."?

I'm new to Teamviewer, but not to PCs and I'm very knowledgable about everything IT.  I've used all manner of remote control software but never had a problem like this.  I'm using a full screen application and every other moment an error message flops up in front of that says: "The screen cannot be captured at the moment.".   The problem is that I COULD CARE LESS!  All I want to do is configure my son's application. I don't need to capture anything, I have no interest in capturing the screen!  For all I care Teamviewer doesn't even need that function!  But what is so very frustrating and time consuming is that there is no way to close this error so I can get it the $#&& out of my way.  I can't do what I want to do because this stupid confounded error is in my way and won't go away.  I'm so stressed I could just **bleep**!  Its ludicrous.  **bleep** guys!  Think about what you are designing and how people will be using it!  Is a little X in the top right corner too much to ask for?  How about a CLOSE or EXIT box?!!?!  But there is nothing and nothing I can do to make it close.  I've fliopped around and somehow got it to close but **bleep** soon as I go into the full scrren app it reappears and I can't do a thing!  Its a showstopper, headahe maker!!!!   Does anyone have any idea how I can clear this INSANE error message off ofmy screen!!!  I could jut scream!   (Apologies if this is in the wrong fourum or whatever, I can't remember the last time I was so cornfused over something so stupid!)...  I never had a problem like this with PCAnywhere or any other remote app! This **bleep**!


  • ScottyScotty Posts: 494 Staff

    Hi Solarsails

    Firstly, I am sorry for the frustration caused.

    If TeamViewer cannot capture the screen, this means you cannot see the remote screen.
    This is not an additional feature or anything as without this ability the software isn't much use.

    Capturing the remote screen is what allows you to see the remote side, it is the very base level function of the software and without this, the window comes up because you cannot do anything while the screen cannot be captured.

    This is normally cause by
    a) a poor connection
    b) Installing applications that require a UAC prompt without TeamViewer having sufficient permissions
    c) No display output from the remote side.


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  • garikigariki Posts: 7

    I am seeing this also on my machine intermittently. So how do you fix this?



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