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Is there a setting to turn off the feature where the volume on my local machine is muted whenever I'm remoted into another machine?  We just upgraded from 9 to 13, and this is driving me crazy!  I'm fine with hearing the sound from the remote machine, but I don't want my machine muted.  Thanks in advance!


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    Is there any way to make teamviewer not tell windows that it is in a call when it isn't so the volume isn't lowered when it shouldn`t? I need the "lower volume automatically" function in windows, but I can choose to either use teamviewer or have that function.


    Annotation 2020-02-15 175538.pngHahaha yeah great solution! And what am i supposed to do when it's already set to do nothing?? Where is the teamviewer option not the windows one?

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    For me it also didn't work to activate "Do nothing" in the Windows sound settings. What helped is to set the speaker in the TeamViewer settings to any other than your actual speaker. I for example have chosen my screen. Now it works!


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    THX ITWORKS!  one short remark though, in win 10 I found the communications tab only via the good old "Control Panel" (start => Control Panel => search "sound" => "Sound settings"), couldn't find it via newer win 10 settings...

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    Thanks a ton @SirKlaus , your solution is what worked for me as my sound settings in windows was already set to Do Nothing.
    I never thought to even check the teamviewer settings

  • Go to Sound control pannel, select "Mute all other sounds" click Apply (sound gets muted), than select "Do nothing" click Apply, sound should go back to normal volume. For some reasone Windows loses that setting.

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    Any idea if we can disable audio for remote sessions completely? We do not need the function, as we always call the person or are called. And when we do a Teams call it is annoying that the volume is lowered...

  • Thanks a lot, worked perfectly

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    This is still a problem for me. Yes what @SirKlaus proposes works but only temporarily for me as I often alternate between PC speaker and headset.

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    is this still a problem?

    or is it possible to disable sound/mic/video in a policy rule!

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    I'm playing a video from my DVR through my home computer and then watching on a remote computer.

    I've tried the 2 suggestions and have volume on both computer up to 100%.

    I can just barely hear the audio

    Any suggestions?

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    @Julia Thank you so much for this solution! I've been dealing with this for over 4 years at my job now and am stoked to finally be able to solve it! This whole time I thought it was a TeamViewer issue, but it would figure that it's a Windows "feature" instead. 😊

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    This worked for ONE DAY. The setting is now "Do Nothing" and TV mutes my sound to a fare-thee-well. This just started with one of the recent updates so there's some stray code in their somewhere that has wandered off of the reservation and is doing thing that it should not be doing.

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    Same for me, worked to me for a few days and now the system audio is muted when TeamViewer connects to others.

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    Maybe a bit late, but this worked great. Thanks!