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Can't login



  • drorgiat
    drorgiat Posts: 1

    don't know what happened but cannot log in to any remote PC.

    My PC ID changed to a new one. 

    Same from mobil app....

    I found this as the possible reason...

    Reinstall didn't help as well

    Hope it will return soon :(

  • glnz
    glnz Posts: 44
    Same on Ganymede.
  • jon1285
    jon1285 Posts: 2

    same in texas

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,880 Community Manager 🌍

    Hi all,

    Thanks for your post.

    TeamViewer re-assigned a small number of unique IDs as a precautionary measure. For a short period of time, some users may experience service degradation, which will be resolved as soon as possible. Please see our status page at for more information.



    Community Manager

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  • lneikirk
    lneikirk Posts: 1

    Us too in Minnesota, USA

  • Nutzung des Teamviewers ist nich möglich, da ein Fehler bei der Anmeldung auftritt.



  • higrm
    higrm Posts: 2

    Since about 3 hours same problem here.  I am assuming they are experiencing or have experienced a DOS attack.  I'll try again in an hour.  Was able to log onto the Management Console, though it was very, very slow to even build the page.

  • ecarmo
    ecarmo Posts: 1

    Same problem here in Brazil!

  • Sorry, but can't login at all any more (the button is grey)
  • Same in Puerto Rico. I have about 165 hosts that i cannot access right now. (corporate)
  • tvrob
    tvrob Posts: 2

    #MeToo. logfile says:

    HandleMasterResponseLogin(): MasterConnect failed. ErrorCode=10

    Login server must be failing. Weblogin en community login also take forever and a day.
    Maybe a problem with the user database. Or som DDOS attack on master servers.

  • WilfriedB
    WilfriedB Posts: 4

    TeamViewer Status page shows the message below. Possibly the reason ...?
    "Reassignment of Unique IDs
    Identified - Based on global cooperation against malicious cyber activities, TeamViewer’s team and leading security researchers perform regular threat prevention analysis to identify inconsistent or suspicious behaviour within and beyond its network. In this context, in-depth data analysis revealed patterns of connection attempts that deviated from expected usage scenarios of TeamViewer. As this observation was limited to a small subgroup of endpoints, TeamViewer decided to invalidate and automatically re-assign unique identifiers (TeamViewer IDs) within this subgroup.

    The precautionary measure has successfully been rolled out to full effect. For a short period of time, some users may experience service degradation, which will be resolved as soon as possible.
    Jul 24, 14:49 CEST"

  • higrm
    higrm Posts: 2
    Thanks. Good find
  • Seems like this "small number of users" is crashing your system. 

  • Trying to login with app gives error message "An Error occurred while logging into your account. Please try again

    With two options, Retry and Logoff

  • Same in Russia.
    On Windows only... On Ubuntu is OK
  • Error while LogIn... 

  • glnz
    glnz Posts: 44

    In a different thread, the moderator Esther assures us that this will NOT cause the "commercial use" problem to come back.

    But my ID numbers have changed, so I hope she's right!!

    TV - bad show.

  • jfaust
    jfaust Posts: 2

    Computers & Contacts - Error

    Sign In request failed! The server did not respond.
    Please try again.

  • tvrob
    tvrob Posts: 2

    It's working again.

  • Korea
    Korea Posts: 1
    I also can't login.
    I saw password is wrong even it is correct
  • glnz
    glnz Posts: 44

    Seems to be working again.

    Esther, thank your tech team for us, but ask them to get to work earlier next time.

    Ganymede out.

  • Hey Esther, 

    All tested and confirmed working up here in the North East UK (Newcastle).

    Thanks for your and the Tech Team's assistance. 

    -Stef, UK

  • Works now... thx

  • For Linux User.

    sudo systemctl restart teamviewerd

  • Hi Esther, any update on this ? I Think short period is long over ;-) The issue still persives, at least for me ! BTW this works on a 32bit linux, while it doesn't on a x64 build. The misery started after upgrading to 13.2.13582 (from 13.1.8286)
  • silbercue
    silbercue Posts: 2 ✭✭

    The same with me. I also have the newest update and can't login again! Arrrrg a pity, because I need it!

  • For me all the suggested solution (removing .config for TV, restarting teamviewerd, reinstalling package ...) did *not* work. Even though internet connectability was good, TV did not display it's TV ID. After rebooting the machine I could relogon and a TV ID was displayed again in TV window. Looks like they messed up with some settings, and only a reboot fixes that, very verv very bad programming ...

  • Pokenino
    Pokenino Posts: 1 Newbie

    I think I found the answer, I had the same problem, I couldn't log in.

    But the only thing was that "Incoming LAN connections" in the setting, was set to "Accept exclusively" and I had to change it to just "accept" for everything to come back to normal.

    Hope this helped!