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Change TeamViewer ID on clone

When I clone our PC image to a new PC it will get the same TeamViever ID as the original source. How can I make TeamViewer get a new ID for the cloned PC?

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  • Not sure if i can post links to third party programs, but i found a tool that automatically changes your TV ID. All you need to do is :

    - run it, wait, restart and done. Why doesn't Teamviewer have these tools at the ready.

  • Julia
    Julia Posts: 290 Staff member 🤠

    Dear Michiel,

    Thank you for your message.

    Since we do not know what these tools will change on your computer, we do not recommend you to use them. The best way is to contact us and we will help you without changing something on your computer.



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  • I've had to leave TeamViewer out of my PC images because of this. So I just have to install the client AFTER imaging the PC so that the TV ID generated is unique. I agree it would be nice to have a supported method to do this without having to resort to "hard coded" registry files.

  • Thank you for the reply,

    The fun thing was that this happened 2 work days later.  (Installed at customer on Friday, next system was installed/prepared on Tuesday.

    The first system was already at a customer, teamviewer was working because i used it next Monday. (Teamviewer is installed on the spot and then added to a group on location due to sometimes wlan/wired connection being used and ID changing?!).

    The second system was prepaired 2 days later (no Teamviewer in image) installed. When using teamviewer we got a wrong password notice, and couldn't connect to the system. Then when i searched the ID my previously added system/group had the same ID as the new system. After changing the ID on the system that was still at the company we were still unable to connect to the old system.

    I don't know what went on in this case but it was fishy.

  • I cloned a Mac and am getting identical TeamViewer IDs on both.  Uninstalling (including deleting config files) on both systems and then reinstalling doesn't seem to be working in TeamViewer 12 (that, and other methods that I found online, did work in TV11 and previous versions).  Is there something more that needs to be done now?  I understand that TV changed how it assigns IDs in v12, so maybe there's more to do now after cloning.

  • This doesn't work as of today I have installed v. 12.0.72

    Do you have other options for this version?

  • vbuster
    vbuster Posts: 1

    Hi Julia

    The only comment I would add with MAC v12.0.7 would be to skip addiding an unattended password during the reinstall and configuring this later.  I found that addining an unattended password I would have the same access code, again even though I checked the delete data box.



  • Did this problem just start with a recent version of Teamviewer 12 for WIndows?  In the past I would uninstall (removing all settings) and reinstall and that would issue a new ID on the cloned system.  That no longer seems to be the case.

  • This solution doesnt work on Team Viewer 13 on Mac

  • This query is not solved as the solution does not work with Teamviewer 13. So far there is no way to resolve cloned IDs without altering your registry...

  • where do you get the client id in windows registry in teamviewer 13 ? 

  • I still have the same problem with my two macbooks. I have uninstalled on both computers teamviewer exactly after the described instructions, but without success.
    what else can I do?

  • MJC130
    MJC130 Posts: 1

    I always thought TeamViewer worked from mac address.  Have hte same issue where we are deploying multiple phones into the field.  ONce one phone is configured, we then backup and restore to all other phones.  Thought the number looked familiar.  I guess our bonus is the user will only ever activate the teamviewer when they need help, but then getting them to close again so the next muggins can gain support is an issue.  Our only solution will be to force the device to restart to close the teamviewer.

    Running latest V13.

  • S_Mueller
    S_Mueller Posts: 4

    I find it a little disturbing, that such a high-end product like TeamViewer leaves its customers alone when it comes to cloning operation systems.

    We're a small company that bought your product to remote support our delivered industrial systems. Your only official supported way - sysprep - is no option for us because it would be way too much effort as we only deliver a small number of systems. On the other hand it would be a really unneccessary effort to install TeamViewer at each system after restoring the image to it.

    So my current solution should be, to spam you with tickets for every delivered system to change the id???

    I would prefer that - at least for your business customers or at request - you provide a separate tool or inbuild mechanism that enables us to set TeamViewer into an 'generate-new-id-at-next-start'-state right before the disk image is made.

    I am of course aware of the fact that this shouldn't be used carelessly.

    I'm amazed by the big steps TeamViewer has gone in the last years, but as I said is providing remote support an essential part for our company. So if there is no doable solution we have to switch to another product that can handle cloning properly.


  • I too am a small company and we have 2 licenses of Teamviewer which is a big expense every year.  We also clone systems frequently, we are a mfg company and have approx 20 computers on our production floor that we insure are all the same hardware so we can clone systems and have the same issue with TeamViewer each time we reclone the system.  Using the MAC address would be a great solution, however then if you use wireless sometimes and wired other times I can see an issue with that as well.  Not sure best solution but I am not the programmer.

  • Rene4
    Rene4 Posts: 1

    I have the same problem with ethOS 1.3.1

    Can you help with this as well?


  • Why is this done so easily on Mac yet, windows is so complicated to resolve?

  • Dear Julia, I have the same problem, on a cloned mac, I cannot change Teamviewer ID, after reseting teamviewer, including deleting configuration files, and even reseting all the mac.

    can you help me?

    my mac is working with High Sierra OS


  • You might be interested to know the given solution does NOT work on Mac either :-/

  • Yeah, this still is not working. This seems to go as far back as 2016... surely in the new TeamViewer version you should have resolved this. 

    Also, having this listed as SOLVED is misleading an not at all accurate. This solution does not work for Mac. 

    Uninstalled with removing config files on both. Reinstalled after rebooting... same issue. 

  • I got this to work in the end. What seemed to make the difference was to boot the Mac from another external drive (not booting from the cloned drive). 

    I had previously followed the instructions about removing all of the TeamViewer preferences on the main (cloned) drive to no apparent avail.

    However when I booted from my external drive and launched TeamViewer it acquired a new ID.

    When I then booted from the main (cloned) drive again, it held onto that new ID. 

    Maybe you could try that and let us know.


  • edgar2
    edgar2 Posts: 3

    In my case, I followed the procedure proposed by Julia above, but only for the second Mac.
    The latter received a new id, and the first kept his.
    (macOS Mojave 10.14.5)

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