Connect to Commercially Licensed Server

Hello, I am trying to use TeamViewer to connect to a commercially licensed server. My computer is not directly licensed, however the server that I am trying to connect to does have a commercial license on it. What do I need to do to connect please? Thanks John


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    Hi jv_oz

    Generally, TeamViewer licences are not intended to work this way.

    Licenses are applied to a persons account and they log in and connect from their licensed account.

    However this is possible, just not ideal.To do this the device you are connected to needs to have an active license on it.

    This does not just mean that the owners of it have a license, it means the license needs to be actively applied to the device (As end-points do not generally need a license).

    This can be done 2 ways.
    1) Someone with a licensed account needs to be logged in to the remote device

    2) the license needs to be manually activated to the server (But we recommend against this)

    I hope this sorts this for you.


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