Overwrite all button absent in V11 and V12

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The button 'OverWrite ALL' disapeared under Teamviewer 11 and 12beta. 


I will use teamviewer 10 until this issue is resolved. 

MacOS 10.12.1


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    Hi reij2001,

    thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community.

    Would you be so kind and explain me your request detailed, please?
    Which button do you mean? If it possible, please send me a screenshot of this button in TeamViewer 10. 
    I'm looking forward to your post :-)

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  • reij2001
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    I have not found a simple way to add a screen shot via this forum/page. 

    The problem occurs when one transfers multiple files between computers. If some of the files are present on both computers, there is a window that pops-up with three options :

    -Overwrite all

    - Cancel


    - Skip 

    The overwrite all button disappeared under V11 and v12 beta. Therefore, users have to 'click' the overwrite button as many times as there are files. 

  • reij2001
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    Here is a screenshot of the window I was refering too in my previous message. 

    This screenshot was produced under TeamViewer v10. 

    In V11 and V12b, the button 'overwrite all' disappeared. 

    Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 09.15.16.png