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GPO Deployment - Override Previous, Manually Installed, Version

Hello, It's my first topic in this community so, hopefully, won't make too many mistakes!

Recently I've begun setting up some sort of GPO Deployment automation at my workplace, and everything works just fine for fresh installations, at startup the installation takes place and the client joins the main account for remote control without any input required by the user.

I'm currently stuck trying to update a previously installed .MSI which was manually set on many PCs: I tryed to set the .MSI file as a 'To Upgrade' file in my AD, setting the new .MSI as replacement but that didn't work.

If I manually uninstall the previous .MSI, the installation takes place just fine, else, nothing happens.


The main difference between the two packets are:

1) The version - The first being 11.0 while the second is 11.1

2) The account associated - We changed the main account to a different one, used to deploy the package and remotely control users.

3) The 'Package ID' because, obviously, it has been created with completely different options.


Thanks in Advance,


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