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Team Viewer Management Control shows all my computers offline

My Team Viewer Management Control is showing all my computers offline.  Does anyone know why this might be?


  • davbog
    davbog Posts: 1
    Same. I re-added them and now they show up, but I have to confirm passwords to connect so it isn't actually working.
  • dbaamco
    dbaamco Posts: 1

    I have the same issue from yesterday. All 10 computers are showing office,

  • Had this problem a week ago - cleared up, now its back.  If I login under a different account, I see all the systems under that account, but this account every system shows offline.  I am going to reboot a couple of thise systems and see what happens - or may delete and re-add????

  • DavidW
    DavidW Posts: 4 ✭✭

    It seems that Teamviewer has changed many of the ID's (July 2018) and hence will show offline if your account didn't get automatically updated when they made the change.

    I understand that they needed to add a new digit, but why did they feel the need to change many of the computer ID's?

    For me I was able to reconnect to 90% of the computers since I have an account setup, but for people who just type in the ID for 1 or 2 computers, they had to get their new ID by any means possible (if possible)

  • It appears the IDs all got changed. Went from 9 digits to 10. Not sure why. I am deleting and re-adding as needed. What a PAIN.