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Remote reboot does not work and some thoughts...


It's really sad, but i've been using TV  since version 4 and now being at version 11 i should consider changing it for something else. It's almost the same story as with any good product. They are lightweight, fast, reliable in the beginning (Adobe Reader and Skype are good examples). Then they start adding features, it swells to enormous size, there are lots of bugs etc. etc.

While this annoying invitation to check email and add the device in trusted devices' list might be justified by security reasons, constantly failing remote reboot and black screen are not acceptable. It happens more and more often. I don't know the reason and i don't need another issue to resolve in my already busy admin's life. Older versions simply worked. Period.

 I cannot recall a single remote reboot failure and a black screen meant only that there was another user logged into the same machine.

The most frustrating fact is that TV is not cheap. For that kind of money one should expect improvement, not deterioration.

So i guess, there will be no ver. 12 for me. Thanks fellas, i've had a good time with you. Honest.


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