Define Personal Password prompt after MSI deployment

I have setup a Teamviewer Host computer, configured it (including a personal password) and exported the settings to a reg file. I deployed it to a new computer via a MSI file. When my end users log in they are being prompted to "Setup untattended access". I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I would rather 1) unattended access via the personal password be disabled or 2) If not how can I deploy TV with a predefined personal password. Can I accomplish either?

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  • Doesn't work for me in TeamViewer 13. When I export the settings with a personal password and merge the reg file via GPO on machines, no personal password gets set.

  • Is there a method to make this programmatically via a execution parameter or somthing like that, some kind of API/modify some file?

  • @DanielSt  Any update on this issue? Did you managed to solve it?