after logging on to remote iMac (from local iMac), no mouse, keyboard control

I have just (in last 2-3 days) upgraded 3 of my iMacs from 13.0.5321 to 13.2.5321. My Mac laptop remains at 13.0.5058. After some experimenting, I have discovered that I can connect with the laptop (originating connections from both local computers - laptop to iMac, and iMac to laptop). Everyting works. When I try to log into one of my remote iMacs, I get the initial log-on screen (requiring username and password). The mouse pointer moves at my direction but has no effect on either username or password command boxes. As well, the keyboard has no effect. I noticed that this problem arose immediately after I remotely upgraded the 2 remote iMacs. When all were running v13.0.5058, all was well. After upgrading to 13.2.5321, no joy.

Does this upgrade require a system re-boot? Since the upgrade, I have re-booted the local iMac but not the remote iMacs. I should say that the laptop also has no screen control with the remote iMacs.

I am going to try and send a remote signal to re-boot to see what happens.

After that, other than physically sitting in front of the 2 remote iMacs, I am out of ideas.



Alan Blair


  • I don't have a solution for your problem, but I wanted to let you know that I'm experiencing the exact same issue since installing the update for 13.2.5321. I can connect to my iMac but cannot login because the mouse and keyboard no longer work once connected. I assume the re-boot wasn't successful?
  • I am really confused by this latest upgrade. The 2 iMacs that I am having trouble with were both upgraded to 13.2.5321 from 13.0.5058 one after the other - both upgraded remotely. Before upgrading the remote iMacs, I upgraded my local iMac to 13.2.5321 from 13.0.5058 also. As of yesterday (8/1/2018), I had regained contact with one of the remote iMacs while the 2nd one is still unresponsive. I don't get it and have neither heard nor read anything about my specific situation or anything odd about this latest upgrade. I'm lost for an answer. I made e-mail contact with one of the team members but all he told me was to ask the community. I thought it was as simple as a local (to the remotes) beboot, but it's the classic case of "I can see you but I can't get to where you are". I did re-boot the local iMac but I honestly have no idea whether that did the trick or not. Who knows...maybe Teamviewer will come out with a fix sooner than later - or at least something that will get us affected users by until then. I can't imagine that you and I are the only ones affected by this.

    As an aside, I can log onto one of my remotes and then from that remote, try to log on to the non-responsive iMac...same non-responsive answer - and these 2 remotes are only feet apart in the same room. Frustrating.

    Alan Blair
  • The short answer to my problem is: No. I still cannot believe that this problem is the only one in the Teamviewer horizon. It's one thing to discover a bug that was buried deep within the overall program. But quite another when it manifests itself immediately after install.

    Yes my problem still exists. I will save final judgement until I am back and sitting in front of the remote iMacs. I can tell by tell-tale signs that they are both hung up on the initial splash screen. On the Mac, in the upper-most right corner, the system time is displayed. Both iMacs are displaying different and incorrect system time that has not changed for several days now.

    Alan Blair
  • I have the exact same problem, and I also noticed this clock back sync!!