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Lan only mode Teamviewer can´t find the IP and then no connection is possible

Hi there,

i´m in trouble to find a way to use tv13 over an IPSEC LTE Connectet VPN. This think is working fine but at this moment it is not possible TV can´t detect the right IP Adress of my modem. On my Laptop i connect to the company network over the air (direct IPSEC) and also the remote pc. On this way no internet is possible.In tv i switch the network settings on lan only but tv don´t display my IP Adress and without this, there is no way to start a connection. Days ago everthing works fine i got my ip and can start. For testing i canceled the ip-sec connection and connect directly to the internet an the settings for lan accepted tv turns green. tv cant figure out the ip of the mobile modem in my laptop some times when on ip sec. Sorry for that english. hope we can figure it out.