Remote in to OS X broken - frozen screen

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When I try to connect to an OS X computer, either I see a frozen screen saver or a login screen that cannot be clicked on with a clock which is showing an old time. Did a complete reinstall of TV to see if that would resolve it but it didn't. Multiple unhappy faces have been sent to TV support with no response. For the amount of money we pay for the license, this is really **bleep**. Is TV quality going down hill?


  • Scotty
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    Hi Royce,

    I am sorry for the issue there. I have raised this for you with our support team.

    However, just note that filling in the uninstall feedback is not the same as raising a ticket. We get thousands of these and they are just collated into a report.

    Due to the large number of these reports we are no longer able to filter through each one individually and find issues that may be raised as tickets like we have done in the past.

    If you have an issue please call us or raise a ticket

    This has been raised as a ticket now for you and we will be in touch ASAP


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  • Jperkinski
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    I have also been experiencing this in the last week or so, perhaps right after I instaleld the latest Team Viewer update.

    It doesn't happen immidiately but after about 12 to 24 hours I can no longer log in remoatly and I just see a frozen screen saver.

    Maybe there is a way to roll back to the last install vesion for now?

  • jamiolee
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    I am having the exact same problem, can we can some guidance on how to fix this? It seems that an update in the last month or so has caused this.

  • Jperkinski
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    I can't beleive they haven't fixed it yet.

    My solution was to install version 12 again which I don't like as much but at least it works.

    It would be nice if somebody from TeamViewer would update us on the situation.

  • psloan297
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    Having the same problem, frozen screen when trying to login. I also noticed that the frozen screen's clock is always a few hours behind the real time when trying to login.

    Once the someone has logged in to the remote computer I can then access it but when trying to login from the login screen it's a no go. Very frustrating!!! Makes it impossible to work on my machine without having someone there to login.

  • Royce
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    There is a workaround, which gets you one login before someone needs to login on the mac to allow the workaround to work a 2nd time. Once connected via TV, go to Actions, Lock, Lock Now, then click the mouse. You should see the OS X login screen and it should be updating (correct time shown on the clock). You can now login as normal. Do not end this session. It only works once. 

    You need to login directly on the Mac before you can use the workaround a second time.

    TV support informed me that this issue wont be fixed until next major release version 14. Really pathetic support if you ask me.