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leaving because annual subscription is abusive. after 3x upgrading my corporate license.

I'd rather use V**Third Party Product**. There are small companies like mine that cannot afford that.

Good luck with your new and rich customers!



    I am having the same issue, I bought TW v12 Perpetual Lic, but it looks like they are not happy with our perpetual lic and they are cutting off some features in order to push people to get the subscription license. ( view case Version-12-Host-Install-Error-From-QS ).

    Do you have any recomendation for remote support I dont except a free software but TeamViewer got just crazy, abusive and totally nonsense with the annual subscription.

    Their calculation to stablishing the price was based in our connection, we setup up $50/hr to our clients, they just multiple the number of connection times $50, and they got crazy of "how much are we getting and they dont", they just forgot that some connection are personals, friends,  cost free sessions.

    if anyone have and alternative I will apriciate.

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