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Octoprint Webcam Issue - Webcam Green Screen


I have had success installing teamviewer on my Raspi 3 & all is looking good on octoprint. However, once I'm accessing my "webcam" menu within Octoprint so that I may monitor the print, I get this green screen blur that blocks the image.. If I switch to another menu such as "temperature control" & then return to the webcam menu, it briefly shows the image for a slight second before getting blurred out of the webcam with the green screen... What gives? :l

*Raspian Jessie from 2017

*octoprint 1.3.9 installed

Thanks in advance, I'd appreciate all the help I can get. I am only 1 step away from remotely monitoring my prints! ^.^


(brief view when it works before it gets "censored")IMG_8314.PNG



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