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I cannot stop automatic updates from Teamviewer 12 to 13!! How do I stop this?!!

I have a lifetime license for Teamviewer 12, which is fine with me.  However, my desktop computer keeps auto-updating to Teamviewer 13 EVEN THOUGH I always select "No automatic updates" and "check for new version:  never" in the advanced options.

When this happens, I uninstall Teamviewer 13, re-install Teamviewer 12, immediately go into advanced options and select "no automatic updates" and "check for new version: never" and then a few days later BOOM, I turn on my computer one morning to find that I now have Teamviewer 13 instead of Teamviewer 12.

This is unacceptable.  Apart from the fact that I keep getting threatening messages telling me I'm not licensed to use Teamviewer 13, my laptop has Teamviewer 12 and when I try to access my desktop from my laptop, it tells me that it cannot because my desktop is running a newer version.  So the product is useless to me unless I also upgrade my laptop to Teamviewer 13, which I do not want to do.  I just want to use my Teamviewer 12 Lifetime license that I paid good money for without this sneaky attempt to punish me for not paying for an updated license.

Can anyone tell me why and how Teamviewer is autoupdating to a new version even though I expressly change the advanced settings to forbid that?  And how I stop this?




  • Ratho
    Ratho Posts: 1


    We've got the same problem.
    We have a company license for version 8.

    It's installed on 10+ computers and on all of them Teamviewer gets updated automaticly. (since 1 week or so)

    We've tried to reinstall version 8 but after that the auto update starts again.
    We've disabled auto update in the TW settings but that didn't help.

    Called teamviewer support and they told me that version 8 isn't compatible with Windows 10 and that we need to buy/upgrade our license.

    It has worked for the past 2 years on Windows 10 and now they blame a windows update for updating TW automaticly. 

    Told them it's not acceptable.
    The lady told me she would send me a log collector so they can check what's wrong but didn't received anything. (24 hours ago)

  • ken2esq
    ken2esq Posts: 2

    Yes, it sounds like TeamViewer is lying to you, mainly because this same thing is happening to me with TeamViewer 12 being automatically upgraded to Teamviewer 13, and I KNOW that TeamViewer 12 is compatible with Windows 10.  So that is no excuse for why my TeamViewer keeps updating even though I keep selecting NEVER for automatic updates.

    I came in this Monday morning and it happened again.  Looking at the timing of the update, it happened Friday night hours after I had left my office, so no one was using the computer at the time, it was completely automatic and/or initiated by TeamViewer itself.

    The file "rolloutfile.tv13" was installed on my computer at 8:25pm on Friday night, which appears to be when the auto-update took place.

    So far, TeamViewer has not fixed the problem.


  • Same with TV11

    and then they tell you to buy abo for no more problems...

    if i cant handle the manual reinstalling of 20 hosts every week anymore i buy something different, but TV does not deserve one cent for this behaviour

  • Same with Teamviewer 11 to 13! And I turned off the auto updates multiple times. They want me to send them log files from my computer but I don't think I should have to do that. Argh!

  • I have tried updating the TeamViewer with the best VPN router but it failed and I really do not know the reason behind it. So I have reported here and know the proper reason behind it.

  • Same here. No way to prevent TV to update from 13 to 14. Also, then I get the message that commercial use is suspected.

    This is ridiculous.

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