Combine Corporate Licenses

Hi Folks,

We have recently acquired an extra Corporate License from another part of the business and would like to add it into the Portal we currently operate. They have no users in their Portal bar the one used for administering it.

Is this possible?




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    Hi nec-itcentral,

    Thanks for posting.

    It is definitely possible to have 2 licenses in one company profile.

    Step 1.
    Have that one user log in here:

    If they can see themselves, they are part of a company profile. They will need to remove themselves from this - this will not delete them or their license, it will just remove them from their company profile.

    If they do not see their name and email address, proceed to Step 2

    Step 2
    If they see a prompt to enter a Company name, they are not part of a company profile and they can freely join another company profile. This will also occur after they remove themselves if you had to action step one.

    If you have any issues, I would recommend contacting our support team as they will be able to see your license and the account set up and help you sort out the licenses.


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  • Awesome - thanks Scotty much appreciated - might give Support Team a shout :-)