TeamViewer on RDS Servers & Invite Another Participant

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I just recently signed up with TV so please excuse my ignorance if there are simple solutions to these problems. I'm still getting my head around the product. I have mass deployed a custom host module (Version 13.2) via SCCM and have it so that it gets auto assigned to an account and computer group and enabled for easy access. I have the group shared to all my collegues so they can use easy access with their own account.

When I connect to a client running the custom host module, and attempt to invite another participant, I can only invite others from the shared group and I cannot seem to invite someone from outside the organization such as a contractor. How can I and an outside person see the same client running the custom host module at the same time? Do I have to create a meeting from my machine and invite them, then access the machine via easy access? a kind of teamviewer within teamviewer situation.

Second question is about RDS. I understand a feature gets automatically enabled which gives each user session on the server it's own unique tv id. This is great but how do I obtain a list of these id's, can they be added to a shared group which shows their username? otherwise you have to ask the user their ID everytime? cumbersome. I just want to get away from RDS shadowing because, it **bleep** to put it simply. Especially if the client has multiple monitors.