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Manual override for disabled email notifications in new ticket creation

At present there are only two settings for the email notifications (customers) when creating a new ticket.

If it is enabled, you manually have to remove the tick from the box if you don't want to send a copy of the newly created ticket to your customer. 

If it is disabled, the box to tick for email notification to customer is greyed out. Removing the tick from the box can be forgotten and can lead to unwanted emails being sent. A manual override is not possible if the option is disabled.

It would be better if a manual override were possible even if the option is disabled, as you do not always want to send a customer an email of the new ticket you just created (basically just turning what they have told you into a ticket) and it is too easy to forget to remove the tick, but there might be the odd occasion where it is necessary and/or helpful. At present this can only be done by changing the global setting for the inbox when needed. 

Also a question on giving feedback: I have opened a few new topics in the last few days, but I don't want to spam the board. Do you want the feedback to be posted here on the board, or is there a different channel you want to route it through?

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  • Yervand_PM
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    We will take your feedback into account in future developments of product. 

    You can directly leave feedback from servicecamp dashboard withing 'Feedback" button located at the bottom left corner.


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