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Themes and articles

I am unsure how to use that feature. Am I right in thinking that it is meant to be a form of wiki for us for internal use? How do I set it up and use it properly?

moretime oHG


  • Yervand_PM
    Yervand_PM Posts: 102


    If you mean topics and knowledge base then yes at this moment they can be used only by staff members of servicemcamp and not but your customers. 




    Product Owner
  • M_Sch
    M_Sch Posts: 19

    Thank you for your answer. We only want to use them in house, meaning not open it up to our customers. We are not sure how to use the features properly.

    I thought it would be a list of articles we could click on and read (under articles), yet the only options I have there are to edit or delete? Is it meant to work that way or am I meant to navigate to the articles via the topics? Are the topics used as a method to group together articles? 

    I should add that we have created an article so far, but no topics yet. 


    moretime oHG
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