How do i change back to the previous version of teamviewer after the latest update iOS?

MaurizioMonti Posts: 1
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Hi all, i’ve A license for version 12. My iPad app now was upgraded to version 13 and my license in not valid anymore. How can I go back to rel. 12?



  • AlanW1
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    Hi MaurizioMonti

    You do not need to go back to version 13. You should be able to use V13 on iOS even you hold v12 license. It should be a bug and please contact us for support.

    We are sorry for this.


  • D_Dale
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    Well that is a JOKE....
    Contact Support!!

    I have had a syupport ticket for 10 days now, no one replies.

    Kinda the same problem, have a Business licsense for 12 and get the "Play Fair" warning all the time with the Android app and using the Web browser remote to computers that have Ver 12 software on them!!