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Can no longer Remote connect

Seems lately I can no longer connect to my home computer.

It shows offline when in fact it is not

At home now and everything seems fine. But if I take another laptop and launch, shows offline

Desktop I'm trying to connect to is running Mac OS Sierra and TV version 9x.    The computer I am connecting from is windows 7 running TV version 10x.

I know there is a new version (13)  but seems to want to renew a license, whcih I don't belive I ever had. I am running the free version.

Has the free version gone away perhaps?


  • farmboyfarmboy Posts: 1

    Been using TV for quite some time, all of a suddden 2 weeks ago from remote other home desktop 'puter got msg TV not tunning on partner 'puter.

    Later found Tv was running on the  "partner" puter and was able to connect via laptop  next to the home desktop

    But Here I am again out of town and unable to the connect desk puter, to the home desktop getting "not running" msg again.  Also attemted to connect with the laptop that  did cdonnect when in the same room as the home desktop but will NOT now connect displaying "TV not running on partner puter"

    Waht is hapening?

  • I'm running W-7 on my laptop and W-10 on the home desktop and have never had this problem before. Been using Tv for at least 4-5 years in this configuration. What do I do????
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