This Partner doesn’t accept incoming connection

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I downloaded Teamviewer from Windows Store.

Whenever I try to connect another Windows Computer, it says, This Partner doesn’t accept incoming connection.

Please let me know, what I need check in Partner Computer or how to fix it?



  • Hi have the same issue, I have deployed TeamViewer: Remote Control via the Windows Store on my Windows 10 PC and can make outgoing connections to other PCs however it will not accept incoming connections. I have never had this problem with the desktop version, it seems only with the Windows Store delivered app. The interface is very basic and there aren't a lot of options/settings to check either.

    I would really appreciate some help with this, or even an explanation as to why you cannot accept incoming connections?

    Thanks all

  • Hi All,
    I have had confirmation from TeamViewer Support that the Windows 10 Windows Store deliverd app does not allow incoming connections, see below email:
    Hi Dusan,
    So with the Windows app store only outgoing connection works.
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