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Incorrect Reply To Address

Hi everyone

I've started experiencing an issue with the emails generated by ServiceCamp.  When our users are replying to tickets, the reply address is being set incorrectly.  So instead of [email protected], it comes up with [email protected] (e.g. [email protected]).  This applies whether using the desktop or web versions of Outlook - the reply to address is wrong in the message header.  

Out of interest I created test tickets for my own email address.  The original notifications and any subsequent updates are received ok.  However when I reply to either [email protected] or if I manually change it to [email protected], the replies are not received by the ticket system.  I could understand it if the replies to [email protected] didn't work, but what's really worrying is that emails to [email protected] aren't getting through either.

I don't know if there are 2 separate issues or if both are related.

Has anyone got any ideas as to:

  1. What the problem(s) might be
  2. How to fix it

Many thanks

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  • NM_PMC
    NM_PMC Posts: 2


    Just sent the PM as requested.


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