I am a teacher and would like more information on your product. First how much is it, and second, will it work for me? I am looking for a program that I can monitor students working at computers. I want to be able to see what they are doing during their computer time. My wish is to see all 30 computers on one computer screen. Can teamviewer do this?? ??


  • AlanW1
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    Hi Mitzie,

    Thank you for your interests in TeamViewer

    Technically TeamViewer can meet your requirements. Business license may be suitable for you. For price, please check here.

    However, TeamViewer is designed for controlling computers remotely, not just monitoring and not for snooping . So there might be some questions for you:

    • Officially we only support up to 10 computers connection at one time because most people cannot support more than this. If you have 30 different remote screens on your computer simultanously, it can be very resource intensive.(RAM, CPU and GPU usage)
    • As opposite to a spy software, TeamViewer tries to keep the transparency during the remote session to protect the users of our software from an unauthorized access of their devices. Therefore, the students will always see you connected and they can terminate the connection at any time.

    Hope this can help you make your decision and contact our sales team to find a solution for you.

     Hope these information can help you make the decision.