ID only show on 1 user

I am using win7 x64 and  5 windows user. But my TV ID shows always on user 1. When I logged off user 1 and change into user 2, TV is ready but have no ID or password. Please help me


  • AlanW1
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    Hi triskautama

    Thanks for your posting.

    This is not a common issue and it can be a bit of difficult case as there might be some reasons for it. It might be because of a proxy you are using which limits one user but not the other.

    TeamViewer always has the same ID regardless of Window's users. Maybe one user blocked TeamViewer from connecting to server and other did not.

    Please kindly try: 

    - Check the proxy or firewall settings and make sure TeamViewer is not blocked.

    - Uninstall and reinstall TeamViewer.


    Hope this heps you.


  • I did, reinstalled and installed but the problem still exist.

    may these information can help you to solve my problem:

    OS windows 7 x64 with 5 windows users (eg. A,B,C,D and E). Before update to new version when user A activated TV, it could display ID so I could remote it from cell phone. After user A exitted TV and user C activated, TV on user C showed ID and so on.

    firewalle have been checked and does not block TV

    I don't know about proxy and how to set it, please help me

    thank you very much for your attention